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Ghost town located north of Magdalena, New Mexico via an unmarked dirt and shale road. The road is relatively good - I managed to make it there and back in a Honda Civic Hatchback without too many serious worries. The biggest problem one might encounter is that the Riley sits on the bank of the Rio Salado which occasionally washes out the road to the town. The day I arrived it was necessary to park the car a good distance back, wade through the "river" (more like a healthy stream) and climb the small bluff to the town.

Riley is an excellent site. There are several slowly crumbling buildings of various construction technique and materials ranging from stucco to brick. The old Riley school house, made from huge stone blocks, is still standing strong although the floor is beginning to give way. The town's one industry was once mining, and what's left of the mines can still be seen dotting the hills around. Most of these have been blocked or covered over by piles of stone, but some openings can be seen - I wasn't brave enough to go inside and I don't recommend it for others.

Unlike Kelly, New Mexico which is just south of Magdalena and has had some preservation work, Riley is virtually untouched save for unkeep on Rita Catholic Church which is used once a year on the feast of Santa Rita. Also, directly outside the town across the Rio Salado is an active ranch. I'm not certain as to whether or not Riley rests on this ranch's property, but I'd recommend not making trouble if you go visit it.

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