Former Underground Resistance member, a dj and a producer. Mr. Hood was known in the early days as the MC for Underground Resistance live acts as Rob "The Noize" Hood. He got interested in making music and today he runs his own record labels which include M-Plant, Drama and Duet - Hardwax was also his label but it is now defunct.

Mr. Hood began his music-making career with another Underground Resistance-member, Jeff Mills, and together they started Axis records, collaborating on some of the first releases. It is also possible that Robert took part on making some of the early Underground Resistance -records, as they don't always specify who wrote the music).

After working with Mills, Robert took it on himself and started making music on his own. His style can be described as minimalistic, sparse and abstract. One of his nicknames is "The Father of minimal techno". He used to live in Detroit, moved away for some reasons, but his current place of living is unknown, possibly back in Detroit.


Axis Records
Ax-001     Hood & Mills - Tranquilizer ep 12"
Ax-003     Robert Hood  - Inner Sanctum 12"
Ax-006     Hood & Mills - Drama ep 12"
Ax-007     Robert Hood  - Minimal Nation 2x12"
Ax-013     Robert Hood  - Tephra (remixes) ep 12"

Mp-301     Robert Hood  - Protein Valve 12"
Mp-302     Robert Hood  - Internal Empire 12"
Mp-304     Robert Hood  - Moveable Parts 12"
Mp-306     Robert Hood  - The Pace/Wandering Endlessly 12"
Mp-307     Robert Hood  - Moveable Parts Chapter 2 12"
Mp-309     Robert Hood  - All Day Long 12"
Mp-312     Robert Hood  - Stereotype ep 12"
Mp-313     Robert Hood  - Underestimated ep 12"
Mp-315     Robert Hood  - Minimal Nation (reissue) 2x12"
Mp-316     Robert Hood  - Psychic/Pole Position 12"
Mp-317     Robert Hood  - Technatural ep 12"
Mp-318CD   Robert Hood  - Nighttime World volume II CD
Mp-321     Robert Hood  - Invincible 12"
Mp-322     Robert Hood  - The Greatest Dancer 12"
Mp-323     Spectra      - Spectra 12"
Mp-324     Robert Hood  - Kick Dirt ep 12"
Mp-325     Robert Hood  - Addict 12"
Mp-327     Robert Hood  - The Black & White Lab 12"
Mp-238     Robert Hood  - The Metronome 12"

Tresor 17  The Vision   - Waveform Transmissions Volume II CD
Tresor 27  Robert Hood  - Internal Empire 2x12"/CD
Tresor 32  Robert Hood  - Robert Hood 12"
Tresor 77  Robert Hood  - Internal Empire 2x12"/CD (Reissue)
Tresor 32  Robert Hood  - Robert Hood 12"
Tresor 166 Robert Hood  - Masterbuilder 12"

DRA 001    Floorplan   - Funky Souls 12"
DRA 002    Floorplan   - Doin' My Thing 12"
DRA 003    Robert Hood - Hoodlum 2x12"
DRA 004    Floorplan   - Envy 12"
DRA 005    Floorplan   - Come on / Rock 12" 

PFG026     Robert Hood - Who taught you math? 12"
PFG027LP   Robert Hood - Point Blank 2x12"
PFG027CD   Robert Hood - Point Blank CD
PFG029LP   Robert Hood - The Art of War 2x12"

Duet 01    Robert Hood  - Sophisticcato 12"
Duet 02    Robert Hood  - Red Passion One 12"
Duet 03    Robert Hood  - Red Passion Two 12"
Duet 04    Robert Hood  - Red Passion III 12"
Duet 05    Robert Hood  - The Deal 12"
Duet 06    Floorplan    - Shop 12"

log-11     John Thomas & Robert Hood - D2 12"
log-16     Robert Hood  - Apartment Zero 12"

Various labels
Cheap14    Robert Hood     - Nighttime World volume 1 2x12"/CD
M-025      The Vision 12"
HX-001     Missing Channel - Onslaught 12"
HX-003     Missing Channel - Atomic 12"
HX-007     The Vision      - Toxin 12"
HX-008     Missing Channel - Submerged 12"
HX-010     Robert Hood     - A force of one / Satellite 12"
NSC Side 5 Robert Hood     - The Feel 12"


Internal Empire 2x12" re-issue on Tresor (Tresor 77) has some amount of misspresses, there are wrong tracks on second vinyl.

First few pressings of Minimal Nation on Axis Records was misspressed with other record being 4 untitled Jeff Mills tracks and other record with correct tracks.

Missing Channel is Robert Hood & Claude Young.

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