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A well-known Swedish soul artist, Robyn has released two albums and is at the time of this writing working on a third. She sings both in Swedish and English. Her real name is Robin Carlsson.

The first seven years of her life, Robyn travelled with her parents and their theatre group. They toured all over Europe, something which exposed her to a great deal of different cultures - this made her very open-minded, as well as provided her with inspiration. Travelling with a theatre group, she was surrounded by people who were very creative and had a passion for their work but where also very disciplined. From them, she got the notion that the most important thing is the expression of the truth - her second album is in fact named My Truth, and while the song My Truth is hardly the strongest one on the disc, it does clearly convey the message that truth is the most important of all.

Robyn says about My Truth:
I wanted "My Truth" to be a positive album. Every word on this album comes straight from my heart, every song is about something I´ve been through that I think is important to talk about. Even though there's some sadness expressed, I have tried to turn these experiences into inspiring songs about life. I´m so tired of people complaining because I know life is beautiful. Even when it´s hard we should celebrate every minute of it.

When Robyn was eleven, her parents got a divorce, something which hurt her terribly - however, with the help of her parents, she was able to escape from the sorrow. In fact, her first song, In My Heart, was written shortly after the divorce and songwriting became Robyn's way of dealing with life. Two albums later, many music fans are grateful for her decision.

Here are the track lists for Robyn's albums so far:

Robyn Is Here
01. Bumpy Ride
02. In My Heart
03. You've Got That Something
04. Do You Know (What It Takes)
05. The Last Time
06. Show Me Love
07. Just Another Girlfriend
08. Don't Want You Back
09. Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)
10. How
11. Here We Go
12. Robyn Is Here
13. I Wish

Note: This album was published in two editions - the first in Scandinavia only. The different versions have different covers but on the second one, the track Show Me Love was put in as number 6, replacing Where Did Our Love Go which was number 11 on the first version.

My Truth
01. Play
02. My Only Reason
03. Underneath the Heart
04. Electric
05. My Truth
06. Main Thing
07. Healthy Love feat. Cindy
08. Monday Morning
09. Giving You Back
10. 88 Days
11. Long Gone
12. Not on the Inside
13. Universal Woman
Bonus track: Det Gör Ont Ibland feat Petter.

Robyn has also released the following singles: Do You Know (What It Takes), Show Me Love, Remember, Electric, Play and My Only Reason.

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