Contrary to popular belief, I am not just "friend material." I can be understanding, mature, sensitive, intelligent, kind and all that jazz, yeah-yeah. Big whoop. Anybody with half a heart and decent upbringing can do that. I can open a door and bow and shake hands with a woman in the gentlemanly manner- I'm not a total ape, despite my masculinity. Hell, I can even look presentable in public- sweat-ridden pheromones and all.

But, by God, I've got a rocket in my pocket and it's ready to fucking explode. What does a nice guy have to do to get laid in this century? Beg? Lie? Cheat? Steal? I can do that. I can make women feel used. But do women really want that? Or would a woman rather have a man in her bed that isn't going to hold it against her for being a sexual being? Men are sexual beings, too, dammit, and we deserve to feel sexy as much as the other half of the species does. Masturbation, sports and fast cars are great when a woman isn't around, but I'd take a hot, lust-filled, sweaty, sensual, erotic female friend over NASCAR any day of the week. Any straight man that wouldn't admit that is lying bold-faced.

"Hmm... sex or WCW? Duh... I think I'll see what Goldberg is up to this week..."

I don't have illusions about sex, however. Sex is not a relationship. It's an act. A fun act, to be sure, but it's just an act- as in an activity. Sometimes it can be an extension of how a person feels for their partner, sometimes it can be intimate and soft and warm and... damn, I need to get laid.

Like I said: I've got a rocket in my pocket.
I'm looking for a launch pad.

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