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It's an interesting consequence of being single for a bit. The memory of your previous significant other fades somewhat. You remember certain vivid details, like that time you went to the lake or his college graduation ceremony, but you can't really recall what all the fighting was about. Most of all, the detail that escapes your memory is one that you swore you'd never forget: his or her body.

When you first broke up, you could feel the curve of them under your hands and call their scent to mind easily, but, after a time, you could picture them naked and no longer feel regret, and maybe you’d even laugh. It is about that time when you notice that lovey-dovey films are no longer making you run screaming to your blankie and a bottle of tequila. Rather these films awaken joyous feelings. Sounds nice, right? Sounds like a new kind of freedom where you aren't under the strict control of your emotions and you can finally get back to living rationally. Wrong! Because there is a new mind-altering condition to deal with.

You look around, and all you see is hotties!

All of the people around you are pleasing to look at. Where the hell were they before, when you were in a relationship? Are they pod people, only hours old, having come fully formed (well-formed!) onto the world? Were they avoiding you? Suddenly, there they all are, with their touchable hair and their tight, little perky behinds swaying in time to the rhythm of your thudding heart. You spend hours daydreaming sexy scenarios. You're horny for the first time in ages because all around you are people of the opposite sex who tickle your fancy.

It's great! Well, except for the fact that even with this smorgasbord of sweet, sweet ass, you still don’t have the balls to actually make a move. And that concentration on simple everyday tasks is becoming increasingly difficult. And that your friends are suddenly starting to look good, better and more viable than they should be looking. That scares you. You know them too well, and they shouldn't be suddenly so alluring. You realize that your judgment is clouded and that you are in no state to make decisions of that nature.

It's time, your body is telling you. It's time to put your pretty knickers on and get back on the playing field to catch some of those other fish in the sea people kept mentioning. Mentally, your readiness is questionable, but your hormones care nothing for that. No, they urge you to make the same mistakes you made before. They say "He's hot, he's hot, go for him, look at that one, just do it." You fight it because you know that you are seeing things with something akin to beer goggles, and you can no longer trust your eyes. These attractive people will make you do dumb things. You are certain to make a fool of yourself. But, in the end, you give in, because, oh god, all you see is hotties!

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