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The famous passenger ship from the TV sitcom Gilligan's Island. The ship was named after FCC chairman Newton Minow. It was Minow's decision to allow TV networks to have control on the programming that goes on the airwaves.

During the filming of the show, four different boats were used as the Minnow. The first Minnow was purchased for use in the beach scenes in Kauai. The second Minnow was a rental used to shoot the opening credits of Gilligan's Island in Honolulu. The third Minnow was used in filming the second season of Gilligan's Island at Marina Del Rey. The fourth Minnow was a prop built by CBS and used in the opening credits for the second season.

The third Minnow was salvaged after the original owner drove the boat (origninally named the Bluejacket) into a reef during a storm. The new owner, Scotty Taylor of Vancouver, BC, bought the boat for $3500. After the new owner did some research on the VIN, he discovered that the Bluejacket was indeed the Minnow used during the second season of Gilligan's Island. He restored the boat, renamed it back to the Minnow, and docked it at Schooner's Cove Marina in Vancouver, and is available for public viewing.

The specs on the S. S. Minnow source: http://www.gilligansisle.com/minnow.html

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