Some believe our origins are linked to that first fish-like creature that crawled up out of the mud. Some envision their ancestors walking beneath the walls of the Dead Sea with Pharaoh’s army behind them. The birth/creation stories many cultures and religions contain reference to salt water - in the form of tears or the ocean or saliva.

Regardless, salt water has always been attributed certain regenerative abilities - the power to give life, to heal, to enrich.

An old remedy for colds, nasal congestion, hangovers, and a fever (among other ailments).
The common administration is to jump in the ocean, take a big gulp of salt water and gargle it a little before swallowing it down.

Salt water is water with salt in it. Pretty obvious, right? The problem can be making good salt water. If you just pour salt into water, it doesn't dissolve very well. The key to the operation is to use warm (or even hot) water. Pour the salt into the heated water and stir. This works because salt (and just about anything else) dissolves more easily in hot water than in cold water.

Saltwater was released on vinyl LP in summer 1998, and soon became the "anthem of the summer", spun by almost every major club and DJ on the small, Balaeric island of Ibiza in the middle of the Mediterranian.

It currently has 4 major remixes: One by the Thrillseekers, one by DJ Tiesto (known as the Trance Remix), one space music-ish remix known as the Mothership mix, and a radio version (umm... where is this song played on radio?).

It has been included on many commercial and noncommercial mix CDs (usually as the cornerstone anthem, althought the first time it appeared on a CD by Chicane himself was not 1997's Far From the Maddening Crowds (which included 1996 Ibiza favorite Offshore), but Behind the Sun which was released mid-August 2000 and included the original version (10 glorious minutes of sheer beauty, Thrillseekers mix, and radio version.

Cool fact: Marie Brennan, who does the vocals on this track is not only a member of Clannad but is also Enya's sister.

Also spelled (salt-water) adj.


Of, pertaining to, or inhabiting the waters of seas, oceans, or other bodies of water that are of salt water, instead of fresh water.


Adapted to, or accustomed to, the environment or conditions of salt water, including the environment or conditions of the ocean or sea.

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