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One of the original 1982 set of G.I. Joe 3 3/4" action figures. Scarlett, of course, had red hair and came from Atlanta, but she could also kill you with her bare hands. She came with a crossbow, which I thought was kind of sexist. Most of the other figures toted M-16s and such, but she's going into battle with a fucking medieval weapon. She could still kick plenty of ass though.

She and Snake-Eyes were inseparable, a relationship which began when Snake-Eyes let her win during a training session, even though she could tell he was the superior combatant. His motivation was probably because he thought beating her might fuel the sexism already rampant in some quarters of the G.I. Joe team. Their relationship deepened when he saved her from a crashed and burning helicopter, scarring his face and losing his vocal cords in the process. Unlike many of the original Joes, she didn't fade into the background once new characters were introduced. She was, throughout, a central figure in the G.I. Joe mythos (my God, that sounds pretentious). She did everything from faking her own death to pretending to defect to Cobra to getting shot in the head by the Baroness.

Despite her centrality in the G.I. Joe continuity, only two other action figures were made of her. The 1993 Ninja Force Scarlett costume looks like Poison Ivy from Batman and comes with a number of deadly swords and such. The 1997 figure in the Stars and Stripes Forever boxed set looks much like the original Scarlett; only the colors and her rank (now E6) are different.

1982 filecard:



File Name: O'Hara, Shana M. SN: RA242967434
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Military Specialty: CLASSIFIED Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia Grade: E-5
Scarlett's father and three brothers were martial arts instructors. She began her training at age 9 and was awarded her first black belt at age 15. Graduated: Advanced Infantry Training and Ranger School. Special Ed.: Covert Ops School; Marine Sniper School; Special Air Service School; Marine Tae Kwan Do Symposium; Qualified expert: M-14; M-16; M-1911A1; M-79; M-3A1; M-700 (Remington Sniper Rifle); Mac-10; XK-1 Power Crossbow; Throwing Stars; Garotte; Ka-Bar.
"Scarlett is confident and resilient…it's remarkable that a person so deadly can still retain a sense of humor."

Comic book appearances:
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G.I. JOE: Order of Battle: #2
G.I. JOE Yearbook: #3, 4
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