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Snake eyes is a common term for rolling two 1's when throwing a pair of dice. It is particularly used in America, and particularly used in the game of craps. A more cultured person might use the term amesace.

The scarred and mute elite commando of the G.I. Joe team, whose adventures were chronicled in an early-80's animated series and a Marvel Comics title.

Snake Eyes served in Vietnam, where he met Storm Shadow, a young member of a ninja clan who became like a brother to him. Snake Eyes travelled with Storm Shadow to Japan and trained with the clan until Storm Shadow became jealous of the patriarch of the clan's fondness for Snake Eyes.

After Storm Shadow apparently killed the patriarch, Snake Eyes returned to the U.S. and active duty with the military. During a desert operation, he was horribly injured in a helicopter acccident, leaving him mute as well as terribly disfigured.

Upon his recovery (though he never recovered the power of speech), Snake Eyes joined the U.S. Government's secret G.I. Joe antiterrorist force. During his service with G.I. Joe, he again encountered Storm Shadow, this time as a minion of the terrorist organization C.O.B.R.A., G.I. Joe's archenemy.

Eventually, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were reconciled, the latter revealing that he was not in fact the killer of their mentor, but rather that he had joined C.O.B.R.A. to find the real killer.

Throughout the series, Snake Eyes maintained a romantic attachment to Scarlett, the team's counter-intelligence specialist. His story threads dominated the series and comprised most of the highlights of the comic book's run.

Snake Eyes


"Believe Everything Except Your Eyes..."

Directed by: Brian De Palma
Written by: Brian De Palma & David Koepp
Produced by: (you guessed it) Brian De Palma
Executive Producer: Louis A. Stroller
Associate Producers: Jeff Levine & Chris Soldo
Cinematography by: Stephen H. Burum

Genre: Action/Thriller/Mystery/Conspiracy

Running Time: 98 minutes.

Nicolas Cage - - Richard 'Rick'/'Ricky' Santoro
Gary Sinise - - Commander Kevin Dunne
John Heard - - Gilbert Powell
Carla Gugino - - Julia Costello
Stan Shaw - - Lincoln Tyler
Kevin Dunn - - Lou Logan
Michael Rispoli - - Jimmy George
Joel Fabiani - - Charles Kirkland
Luis Guzmán - - Cyrus
David Anthony Higgins - - Ned Campbell
Mike Starr - - Walt McGahn
Tamara Tunie - - Anthea
Chip Zien - - Mickey Alter

Ricky Santoro (Cage) is a rather corrupt Atlantic City police officer who has his nose in everyone else's business. With dreams of public office in his head, he's taking in the heavyweight boxing championship thinking of nothing else than roughing up some bookies for the cash they owe him, and trying to keep his wife and his mistress from interfering with each other (the call-waiting cellphone conversations are hilarious). Suddenly, Rick becomes mixed up in the assassination of the Secretary of Defense who was attending the match, an assassination we find later that affects his best friend (Sinise), the man in charge of keeping the Secretary safe. Becoming the investigating officer in the case, Rick soon uncovers a conspiracy to kill the Secretary involving a mysterious woman in white (Gugino), a washed up boxer (Shaw) and other shady characters right up to the top. The conspiracy grows to include fraud, prostitution, murder, and more. A corrupt cop is therefore forced to face his own demons of greed and vice in order to bring those reponsible to justice.

Analysis and Review
Well, this movie is probably best known for its amazing 12 minute opening shot, which follows Cage through his dealings in Atlantic City. Yes, 12 minutes, no stops. The acting is great, and nothing beats watching Cage play the sleazy corrupt cop standing in the middle of a crowd shouting "I am the KING!".. it's just classic Cage. Sinise plays the typical hard-nosed government military type, for a while, and does so with his usual master acting skills. The supporting cast plays their part, and the acting as a whole holds up quite enjoyably. The premise moves along a bit raggedly, and the resolution of the conspiracy is a bit anti-climatic, but the ending is at least a bit novel in terms of this type of movie. Basically I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars, one and a half thumbs up, 3 7/8 Babylons and a strong suggestion to rent this movie, but perhaps not buy it.

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