A type of sword similar to a sabre that is single-edged and has a very curved blade. The blade varies in length from 24"-40", and varies in weight from 2'3.5 pounds.

The FV-107 Scimitar is the primary reconnaisance vehicle used by the British Army. There are currently around 190 in service, primarily with the Armoured Recconnaisance Regiment. The armoured infantry battalions, who are mostly stationed in Germany and are equipped with the Warrior fighting vehicle, also use Scimitars in their Recce Platoons.

The Scimitar is part of the CVRT family, being a "Combat Vehicle Reconnaisance Tracked", along with the Spartan APC, Striker anti-tank platform, Samson recovery vehicle, Sultan command vehicle, Scorpion recce vehicle and Samaritan ambulance. As with the rest of this group, the Scimitar was manufactured by Alvis Vehicles Limited.

This vehicle is used in the recce role due to its mobility and speed, and is fitted with excellent viewing equipment for observing enemy movements. British forces in Bosnia and Kosovo used the Scimitar extensively when patrolling the countryside, along with the Warrior. A 30 mm cannon and machine gun are also fitted to give this light vehicle substantial firepower.


Length: 4.9 m
Width: 2.2 m
Height 2.1 m: m
Weight (loaded): 7, 750 kg
Ground clearance: 0.35 m
Max road speed: 80 kph
Road range: 644 km
Engine: Jaguar J60 No. 1 mark 100B
Horsepower: 190 bhp
Fuel capacity: 423 litres
Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner and Commander)
Main armament: L21 30mm Rarden cannon
Other armaments: 7.62 mm machine gun, Smoke Dischargers (Royal Ordnance VIRSS *)
NBC Proof: Yes
Night Vision: Standard

* VIRSS = "Visual and Infra Red Screening Smoke"

"The British Army: a Pocket Guide".

Scim"i*ter , Scim"i*tar (?), n. [F. cimeterre, cf. It. scimitarra, Sp. cimitarra; fr. Biscayan cimetarry with a sharp edge; or corrupted from Per. shimshir.]


A saber with a much curved blade having the edge on the convex side, -- in use among Mohammedans, esp., the Arabs and persians.

[Written also cimeter, and scymetar.]


A long-handled billhook. See Billhook.

Scimiter pods Bot., the immense curved woody pods of a leguminous woody climbing plant (Entada scandens) growing in tropical India and America. They contain hard round flattish seeds two inches in diameter, which are made into boxes.


© Webster 1913.

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