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Glossary of Scottish Dialect : D

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These definitions are taken from the “Glossary of Scottish Dialect” from The Harvard Classics volume 6, “The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns,” 1909. The volume is in the public domain. Aside from their inherent interest, they are valuable to anyone reading the work of Burns.

Dad, daddie, father.
Daez’t, dazed.
Daffin, larking, fun.
Daft, mad, foolish.
Dails, planks.
Daimen icker, an odd ear of corn.
Dam, pent-up water, urine.
Damie, dim. of dame.
Dang, pret. of ding.
Danton, v. daunton.
Darena, dare not.
Darg, labor, task, a day’s work.
Darklins, in the dark.
Daud, a large piece.
Daud, to pelt.
Daunder, saunter.
Daunton, to daunt.
Daur, dare.
Daurna, dare not.
Daur’t, dared.
Daut, dawte, to fondle.
Daviely, spiritless.
Daw, to dawn.
Dawds, lumps.
Dawtingly, prettily, caressingly.
Dead, death.
Dead-sweer, extremely reluctant.
Deave, to deafen.
Deil, devil.
Deil-haet, nothing (Devil have it).
Deil-ma-care, Devil may care.
Deleeret, delirious, mad.
Delvin, digging.
Dern’d, hid.
Descrive, to describe.
Deuk, duck.
Devel, a stunning blow.
Diddle, to move quickly.
Dight, to wipe.
Dight, winnowed, sifted.
Din, dun, muddy of complexion.
Ding, to beat, to surpass.
Dink, trim.
Dinna, do not.
Dirl, to vibrate, to ring.
Diz’n, dizzen, dozen.
Dochter, daughter.
Doited, muddled, doting; stupid, bewildered.
Donsie, vicious, bad-tempered; restive; testy.
Dool, wo, sorrow.
Doolfu’, doleful, woful.
Dorty, pettish.
Douce, douse, sedate, sober, prudent.
Douce, doucely, dousely, sedately, prudently.
Doudl’d, dandled.
Dought (pret. of dow), could.
Douked, ducked.
Doup, the bottom.
Doup-skelper, bottom-smacker.
Dour, doure, stubborn, obstinate; cutting.
Dow, dowe, am (is or are) able, can.
Dow, a dove.
Dowf, dowff, dull.
Dowie, drooping, mournful.
Dowilie, drooping.
Downa, can not.
Downa-do (can not do), lack of power.
Doylt, stupid, stupefied.
Doytin, doddering.
Dozen’d, torpid.
Dozin, torpid.
Draigl’t, draggled.
Drant, prosing.
Drap, drop.
Draunting, tedious.
Dree, endure, suffer.
Dreigh, v. dreight.
Dribble, drizzle.
Driddle, to toddle.
Dreigh, tedious, dull.
Droddum, the breech.
Drone, part of the bagpipe.
Droop-rumpl’t, short-rumped.
Drouk, to wet, to drench.
Droukit, wetted.
Drouth, thirst.
Drouthy, thirsty.
Druken, drucken, drunken.
Drumlie, muddy, turbid.
Drummock, raw meal and cold water.
Drunt, the huff.
Dry, thirsty.
Dub, puddle, slush.
Duddie, ragged.
Duddies, dim. of duds, rags.
Duds, rags, clothes.
Dung, v. dang.
Dunted, throbbed, beat.
Dunts, blows.
Durk, dirk.
Dusht, pushed or thrown down violently.
Dwalling, dwelling.
Dwalt, dwelt.
Dyke, a fence (of stone or turf), a wall.
Dyvor, a bankrupt

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