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Glossary of Scottish Dialect : R

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These definitions are taken from the “Glossary of Scottish Dialect” from The Harvard Classics volume 6, “The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns,” 1909. The volume is in the public domain. Aside from their inherent interest, they are valuable to anyone reading the work of Burns.

Rab, rob.
Rade, rode.
Raep, a rope.
Ragweed, ragwort.
Raibles, recites by rote.
Rair, to roar.
Rairin, roaring.
Rair’t, roared.
Raise, rase, rose.
Raize, to excite, anger.
Ramfeezl’d, exhausted.
Ramgunshoch, surly.
Ram-stam, headlong.
Randie, lawless, obstreperous.
Randie, randy, a scoundrel, a rascal.
Rant, to rollick, to roister.
Rants, merry meetings; rows.
Rape, v. raep.
Raploch, homespun.
Rash, a rush.
Rash-buss, a clump of rushes.
Rashy, rushy.
Rattan, rattoon, a rat.
Ratton-key, the rat-quay.
Raucle, rough, bitter, sturdy.
Raught, reached.
Raw, a row.
Rax, to stretch, to extend.
Ream, cream, foam.
Ream, to cream, to foam.
Reave, to rob.
Rebute, rebuff.
Red, advised, afraid.
Red, rede, to advise, to counsel.
Red-wat-shod, red-wet-shod.
Red-wud, stark mad.
Reek, smoke.
Reekie, reeky, smoky.
Reestit, scorched.
Reestit, refused to go.
Reif, theiving.
Remead, remedy.
Rickles, small stacks of corn in the fields.
Rief, plunder.
Rig, a ridge.
Riggin, the roof-tree, the roof.
Rigwoodie, lean.
Rin, to run.
Ripp, a handful of corn from the sheaf.
Ripplin-kame, the wool or flax comb.
Riskit, cracked.
Rive, to split, to tear, to tug, to burst.
Rock, a distaff.
Rockin, a social meeting.
Roon, round, shred.
Roose, to praise, to flatter.
Roose, reputation.
Roosty, rusty.
Rottan, a rat.
Roun’, round.
Roupet, exhausted in voice.
Routh, v. rowth.
Routhie, well-stocked.
Row, rowe, to roll; to flow, as a river; to wrap.
Rowte, to low, to bellow.
Rowth, plenty, a store.
Rozet, resin.
Run-deils, downright devils.
Rung, a cudgel.
Runkl’d, wrinkled.
Runt, a cabbage or colewort stalk.
Ryke, to reach.

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