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Selling Hitler is a German movie about the true epic story of the creation and sale of fake Hitler's wartime diaries. Many have considered this to be the biggest fraud of all time, but I’d settle for the biggest fraud of the 20th century.

The movie dramatizes the story of Konrad Fischer, an East German who decided to make an extra buck by forging diaries as if they were Hitler's.

Even though someone should have suspected this because of the writing style and content, big magazines like Stern and newspapers like The Times, as well as historians, bought the whole thing and even printed it.

It is hilarious to see the development of the fraud while more and more people begin to cash on it and the editions of Stern need each time more printing. The fake writer, forced to keep writing new “extracts” to keep the public and the media happy, begins to adopt, in real life, mannerisms and looks of Hitler. It's also a good-humored critic on the specialists and media in general.

On to some IMDB details then:

"Selling Hitler" (1991)
Directed by: Alastair Reid
Writing credits: Robert Harris and Howard Schuman
Credited cast:
Jonathan Pryce .... Gerd Heidemann
Alexei Sayle .... Konrad 'Conny' Fischer
Alison Doody .... Gina Heidemann
Julie T. Wallace .... Edith Lieblang
Richard Wilson .... Henri Nannen
Tom Baker .... Manfred Fischer
Olivier Pierre .... Peter Koch
Philip Fox .... Leo Pesch

See Hitler Diaries for quotes of the infamous fraud

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