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Shadowrun is a series of novels, RPGs and console games based in the unusual setting of a cyberpunk world in which magic has returned to the Earth. This setting spawned a large and loyal fan base who, with the developers at FASA, evolved a complex form of slang, unique to the setting. The following list of slang has done the rounds on the net, the author is unknown to me so I am unable to attribute it propperly, but hats off to him/her whoever s/he is.

Angel: A benefactor, especially an unknown one.

Arc: An arcology.

Ballerinas: Reflex boosted female assassins in the employ of a major corp.

Booster: Gang member that uses cyberware, leathers, and violence as a way of life.

Bounts: Bounty hunters.

Bopper: A robot.

Brain Tap: A datajack or a chipjack.

Breeder: Orc slang for a "normal" human.

Business: In slang context, crime. Also "Biz."

Buzz: Go away. Buzz off.

Chipped: Enhanced by cyberware.

CHOOH: ("choo") Slang for alcohol, as used in vehicle power plants.

Chromatic: Heavy Metal music.

Chromer: Slang for metalheads, heavy metal fans.

Chummer: Pal or Buddy.

Cinema: A movie, usually in tri-d.

Clavie: Any person who lives in an enclave.

Combat Drugs: Designer drugs for military use.

Comm: The telephone.

Corp: Corporation, corporate.

CORPSE: CORPorate Security Expert, a corporate assassin.

Cowboy: A decker/netrunner.

Dadie: Knowledge or skill chip.

Dandelion Eater: An Elf, very insulting. See also Keeb.

Dataslave: a corporate decker or a data processing employee.

Datasteal: Theft of data from a computer, usually by decking.

DEBS: Transvestites, a type of posergang.

Deck: 1. A cyberdeck. 2. To use a cyberdeck illegally.

Decker: A pirate cyberdeck user. Derived from 20th century "hacker."

Deckhead: A Simsense addict. Or anyone with a datajack/ chipjack.

Derms: see Dorphs.

Dinks: Any member of a rival boostergang.

Dorphs: Designer drugs that increase healing rate and limit fatigue. (also, Derms)

Dr. Know: A contact who always seems to have useful info. Also a seller of knowledge and skill chips.

Drek: Shit.

Duck: A person who carries more weapons than could possibly be needed.

Dumped: Involuntary ejection from the matrix.

Enclave: Corporate subsidized housing aka the projects.

Exec: Corporate executive.

Fate Meat: Someone bound for the body banks. "It is his fate to be meat"

Fetishman: A talismonger, a dealer in magical items.

Flatlined: killed in the matrix by Black IC.

Flickerclading: A synthetic plastic material impregnated with fiber optics and temperature gauges designed to respond to skin temperature, a 21st century version of the mood ring, but is worn as clothing.

Frag: a common swear word, used in the same way as smeg or the other well known four letter F*** word.

Fringe, The: Edges of society where nomads hang out, barrens.

Geek: To kill.

Glitter Clothes: Clothes made of flickercladding.

Glitter Folk: Rich people who only have time and money.

Go-go-go: A bike gang or gang member.

Gothics: A posergang whose motif is death and old b&w horror movies.

Gutter Jumpers: Claim jumpers among the homeless, squatters.

Gyro: A small one or two man helicopter.

Hardwired: 1. Having cyberware. 2. Unable to change, inflexible options.

Heatwave: A police crackdown.

Hitmage: A magic-using assassin.

Hoi: Hi, Hello.

Hose: 1. Louse up, screw up. 2. to spray with an automatic weapon.

Hydro: 1. Hydrogen fuel. 2. anyone crazy enough to take it as a drug.

ICE: Security software. Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics.

Input: A girlfriend.

Jacked-In: Actively using a cyberdeck.

Jam: 1. To fight or to run away "let's jam". 2. Jamming.

Jamming: 1. Sex. 2 Moshing heavily in a band. 3. Being involved in a paramilitary operation involving a large amount of flying bullets and shrapnel.

Jander: To walk in a casual or arrogant manner, to strut.

Keeb: An Elf, very insulting. See also Dandelion Eater. After a discontinued advertising campaign (Keebler).

Knife Bullets: Armor piercing ammunition.

Know, The: Knowledge or information.

Kobun: A Yakuza clan member.

Meat Bop Parts: Vat grown replacement body parts.

Meat Puppet: A prostitute whose memory and/or senses are disabled temporarily.

Mnemonic: Someone who uses a brain implant as an electronic vault.

Motorhead: A rigger or a mechanic.

Mr. Johnson: An anonymous corporate agent.

Mundane: A non-magician, or non-magical.

Muscle Boy/Girl: Someone with enhanced strength.

NetNerd: Someone who spends more time in the matrix than in the real world.

Ninja: A freelance assassin.

Nutrisoy: Cheap processed food product derived from soybeans, fortified with most essential vitamins.

Nuyen: World standard of currency. Used for Japanese foreign markets.

Output: A boyfriend.

Oyabun: Head of a Yakuza clan.

Panzer: A combat hovercraft/ ground effect vehicle.

Paydata: A datafile worth money on the Black Market.

Plastic Gangster: A person with a great deal of cyberware.

Plex: A metroplex, a large city.

Poli: A policlub or a policlub member.

Polymer-one-shot: A cheap hold-out pistol.

Poser Gang: Any gang whose members all adopt a specific look or style.

Razor Boy/Girl: A person who uses various bladed implant weapons.

Ripperdoc: A surgeon specializing in implanting illegal cyberware.

Rocker Boy/Girl: A freelance musician.

Samurai: A mercenary or muscle for hire. Implies an honour code.

Sarariman: A corporate employee.

Screamer: A credstick or passkey that triggers alarms when used.

Seoul Man: A member of a Seoulpa Ring.

Seoulpa Ring: A small criminal gang.

Shadows: The quasi-criminal world of freelance shadowrunners.

Shalkujin: An "honest" citizen.

Sinless: 1. Part of the underclass not having a SIN (c.f. System Identification Number). 2. In the Shadows.

Slot: 1. a mild curse. 2. To use a skillsoft.

Slot and Run: 1. Hurry Up, Get to the point. 2. Move and Run.

So Ka: I understand.

Soykaf: Coffee substitute made from soybeans.

Squat: see Stuntie.

Stud/Studding: Rigging or remote control of a vehicle.

State of the Art: 1. Hipper than Hip. 2. To be on the edge.

Stuntie: A Dwarf, highly insulting. also Squat.

Sprawl: 1. A metroplex (c.f. plex). 2. To fraternize below one's social level.

System Identification Number (SIN): ID number assigned to every member of society. (but c.f. sinless)

Tag: Name, handle or trademark. To grab or take something.

Tagged: Equipped with a tracking device. Recognized.

Trid: Three-dimensional successor to video.

Trog: An Orc or a Troll, very insulting.

Very: Hip term for cool fun or "in."

VatJob: Someone who has extensive cyber/vat grown replacement parts.

Wagemage: A magician who works for a corp.

Wavy: Cool or smooth.

Wetware: 1. Biological enhancement. 2. Any original body organ.

Wetwork: Assassination, murder.

Wigly: Weird or different. Usually referring to a good drug trip.

Wire Boy/Girl: A decker.

Wired: Equipped with cyberware, especially wired reflexes.

Wiz: 1. Wizard. 2. anything impressive. "Truly wiz, man."

Wizard: 1. A powerful mage.

Wizworm: Slang for a Dragon.

Word, The: Any type of slang or gossip, the chant.

Yak: Yakuza. Either a clan member or a clan itself.

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