moxy früvous do a version of this song, except the last occurance of "people should get beat up for stating their beliefs" has been cunningly changed to "people should get beat up, for skating like the leafs"

don't get me started on the grammatical problems with "the leafs".

"Shoehorn With Teeth" is also a staple of their concert setlist. It also involves bringing the show to a total and complete halt. This is because they play it twice, with much talking in between the two takes. First, they bring the xylophone out to front and center on stage. Then, they make a big deal out of Dan Hickey coming up to hit them a few times throughout the song.

Then, the song is played at normal album speed. After this, Flansburgh gives a bit of a "what-if" scenario involving accidentally listening to the song on fast-forward. To demonstrate, they then play the song again extremely sped up.

It's really a highlight of the show even though it does sort of bring the whole show to a crashing halt. Part of the fun is how much of a big deal they make out of a 90 second song.

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