A very stylish manga series by Kia Asamiya which spawned 2 movies and a TV series of the same name. The series is set in the future complete with hover cars and holographic computer screens. However, the focus isn't so much on technology (although the tech designs are pretty awesome), but demons and exorcism. Once again, Tokyo is being menaced by evil, this time in the form of Lucifer Folk—demons bent on destroying the world via Tokyo. Tokyo's answer to these paranormal predations is the Attacked Mystification Police, or AMP. In the movies the AMP consists of:
  • Rally Cheyenne - chief
  • Lebia Maverick - Rally's lackey
  • Kiddy Phenil - cyborg
  • Nami Yamigumo - exorcist
  • Yuki Saiko - telepath
  • Katsumi Liqueur - successor to the demon sword Grospolina

    The movies are of obviously higher quality than the TV series despite the fact that they were made several years prior to the TV series (early 90s vs. late). Both movies and the TV series were animated by Studio Tron (chiefly consisting of Asamiya and Michitaka Kikuchi).

  • A manga series by Kia Asamiya, it is set in Tokyo 2026. It follows the adventures of a group of women in the Attacked Mystification Police or AMP. The series is filled with futuristic weapons and technology but focuses on demons and exorcism.

    For centuries, demons called Lucifer Hawks had been breaking through from another dimension. Some had killed humans and others even married them. However by the end of the 20th century these attacks were rising. The leaders of Earth had been contacted by the rulers of Nemesis, the Lucifer Hawk world. Earth was suffering from an influx of negative energy from Nemesis, while the Lucifer Hawk home positive energy from our world. So a plan was devised to re-balance the energy and seal the gateway between the two dimensions forever - Project Gaia. It was enacted in 2006, but it went very wrong and the gateway stayed open, causing great destruction on Earth.

    As the series progresses we learn that there is a group of humans helping the Lucifer Hawks, touching upon the issue of people in the real world being seduced by evil, much like in Star Wars. The heroines of Silent Mobius tread a fine line between light and dark. Katsumi Liqueur is tempted several times to go over to the "dark side" by a Lucifer Hawk agent, Maximillian Ganossa. The Lucifer Hawks are very interested in Katsumi, as she can supposedly fully open the door between the two worlds with her blood, as it was her father who led the failed Project Gaia.

    The series also develops the characters of the members of AMP, though many issues in their past are not resolved until the end. In my view this was one of the series' biggest failings. However as there were so many protagonists, Kia Asamiya did a good job in ensuring that we understood at least something about each person.

    Two movies were produced as a result of this extremely successful manga series and then an anime series followed, covering some 26 episodes. The films were rather disjointed, with little character development. The anime series was much better, though it was not completely true to the manga. The manga itself was by far the best of all the incantations of Silent Mobius. It contains extremely high quality artwork and is a credit to the creator. Viz published the English version in the original 12 volume format.

    In 2002, a new anime called "Silent Mobius Tales" was advertised in Japan, that was supposed to deal with the final battle between AMP and the Lucifer Hawks. However nothing has as yet been released outside of Japan.

    Principle characters in Silent Mobius and TV cast

    Katsumi Liqueur:      Naoko Matsui
    Kiddy Phenil:      Hiromi Tsuru
    Nami Yamigumo:      Chieko Honda
    Yuki Saiko:      Maya Okamoto
    Lebia Maverick:      Miho Nagahori
    Rally Cheyenne:      Toshiko Fujita
    Mana Isozaki:      Mami Koyama
    Lum Cheng:      Hiramatsu Akiko
    Gigelf Liqueur:      Katsunosuke Hori
    Fuyaka Liqueur:      Masako Ikeda
    Dr Stephen Maverick:      Mugihito
    Robert DeVice:      Kouichi Hashimoto
    Ralph Bomers:      Yasunori Matsumoto
    Maximillian Ganossa:      Kazuhiro Nakata
    Grosspoliner:      Kiyoshi Kawakubo

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