Web hosting company in Warrenton, Virginia, powered by photovoltaic panels. Created by Marc and Carole Overman, who wanted to create a sustainable, non-polluting server farm, SolarHost uses 24 Siemens SR-100 solar panels to collect sunlight to create DC, a Trace SW4048 dual inverter for conversion to AC, 2 tons of 24 Surrette CH375 batteries to store excess power for days when sunlight isn't available. Originally the solar power worked as a marketing angle for environmental companies willing to pay premium prices for "doing the right thing." Recent power shortages in California have increased interest in guaranteed power sources (again, at premium prices). 

In June 2005, the company merged with Solar Data Centers.

After November 2006, their corporate website was taken down. The company is presumed defunct.

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SolarHost Web site. <http://www.solarhost.com> (25 June 2001)

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