-Master, soup first, or noodles first?

-First, observe the whole bowl.

-Yes, sir.

-Appreciate its gestalt, savour the aromas. Jewels of fat glittering on the surface. Shinachiku roots shining. Seaweed slowly sinking. Spring onions floating.


Concentrate on the three pork slices... They play the key role, but stay modestly hidden. First, caress the surface with the chopstick tips...

-What for?

-To express affection...

-Ah, I see.

-Then poke the pork.

-Eat the pork first?

-No, just touch it. Caress it with the chopstick tips... Gently pick it up... And dip it into the soup on the right of the bowl. What is important here is to apologize to the pork by saying, "See you soon."


Finally start eating. The noodles first. Oh. At this time... while slurping the noodles, look at the pork.


-Eye it affectionately.

from Tampopo, a film by Juzo Itami, 1987

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