I took the hat from my head to wipe the sweat from my brow with my arm. As I look at my sleeve, I notice the layers of dirt that already clad me. I think to myself, "I've done this several times before, I'm sure it won't be that bad." I had to drag myself out of my bed at 6 when I had just gone down at midnight. In the morning, a sunburnt body wants no such sight of the scorching sun. I rushed myself down a dirt road with my equipment so I could finish one last task before everything went into action; I had about 5 minutes. I watch a bomber coming across, and I barely hear my radio blaring my name over the noise of the craft. I look at my watch. It's go time.
What is the St. Louis County Fair & Air Show?
The St. Louis County Fair & Air Show is a typical air show, but all proceeds go to Children's Miracle Network. On average we raise $100,000, but in the past couple years we hit around $150,000. The fair takes place on Spirit of St. Louis airport Labor Day weekend, lasting half of friday through monday night.

Who runs the fair?
The fair is divided into several teams, each to tend to their own duties. With the exception of the leadership committee, the fair is ran by volunteers. Individual groups operate booths privately, but the actual grounds and operations are volunteer managed. The work teams are:
  • Executives - Paid group. In charge of all major aspects, budget choices, other teams, and PR.
  • Corporate sponsors - These guys keep sponsors happy. They deliver goods to their tents, escort them, and over simply make sure they feel they spent their money wisely.
  • Commissary - The tend to the distribution of goods to other teams and charges product to their budget. They also cook food for the volunteers to feed off of. There are two (2) stations (A and B). A holds product, and B tends to food and feeding mainly.
  • Banking - They do the accounting and script sales. Script is "money" used while at the fair. No real money is taken except at script booths and the ticket counters. Anyone selling a product or service for money is banned from the fair. For some reason this team also holds the ice supply.
  • Air show - They work with airport staff to run the show in the sky. Three (3) shows a day except friday. The teams holds "hot ramp" and "taxiway" passes so that they can get to the airplanes (they are kept under EXTREME safety and during a show, even this group is rarely let past certain lines.
  • Parking - These guys count cars, park cars, escort cars, and restrict cars from entering certain areas. They get neon vests and flashlights!
  • Spirit (airport crew)- Airport staff
  • First aid and disabled services - They provide first aid and support for the disabled.
  • Events - These guys host events on the main stage, park stage, and hire the fireworks guys. Each year the fireworks get better and better. If you show up for anything show up for them. They also supply explosions for dog fights in the Vietnam air show.
  • Fairgrounds management - Me. I help run about a third (1/3) this group. We take charge of the physical grounds. We set up, take charge of, build, and repair the grounds and structures of them. We work, we sweat. We rule. We get transportation!!!

Where did the air show come from?
in 1990, the VP fair (now Fair St. Louis) decided to try its luck in the county instead of by the arch. It didn't do as well as it had, but it did good. The next year, the VP Fair moved back downtown, but another fair was started in the county. Aside from a horrid parking plan in 1994, the fair has been loved by all, despite the hot weather. In 1999, 2000, and years to come, we host the Blue Angels. Those guys always kick ass and bring a huge crowd to follow.
If you are interested in attending or working with the St. Louis County Fair, /msg me

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