Means it's so crowded that you can't sit down.

Also a mnemonic device used to help remember the equation s = r θ (since theta looks like an O with a vertical line through it.) where θ is in radians.

This means that the length s on a circle of radius r subtends a central angle of θ radians.

  a =  =  b
 = \     /=
=    \o/   =
=          =
 =        =
    =  =

Here, s is the distance along the circumference from point a to point b (o I supposed to be the centre of the circle.)

It's important to remember that the angle θ is in radians, not degrees.

Also a 2001 movie (orientally planned to be 1999, I believe) from Buena Vista Pictures that tells the true story of lounge singer Jimmy Roselli as he tries to sever his ties to The Mob and they get mad. Stars Nicolas Cage, written by Patty Sullivan.

Also a 1944 comedy film directed by Sidney Lanfield and starring Edward Arnold, Hillary Brooke, Paulette Goddard, Fred MacMurray, Anne Revere, and Roland Young. A housing shortage forces a secretary and her boss to pose as servants during World War II.

Also, a Backstreet Boys movie from 1999. Very much liked by most fans. (Big surprise.)

Also a 1999 movie starring John Travolta and Kelly Preston and directed by Gus Van Sant.

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