The Star Wars universe has been partially recreated in Lego. Star Wars Lego sets fall into these catagories:
  • Star Wars Episode 1
  • Star Wars Classic (Episodes 4-6)
  • Star Wars Ultimate Collector
  • Star Wars Minifig Sets
  • Star Wars Technic Sets
  • Star Wars Mindstorms Sets
I have listed all the (non-Episode 1) sets currently released. If new ones appear, I will avidly buy them and add them to this list. The initial 4 digit number is the Lego set number. Where possible, I have linked the ship names to existing Star Wars nodes. In one or two of these nodes, people mention the Lego sets. Here, I have mentioned the minifigs and any extras included in the set.

Where are the Episode 1 sets?

The reason I have omitted the Episode 1 sets from the following list is that they interest me less. For now. They just don't feel as sexy as the 'Classic' (i.e. Episode 4 - 6) sets.
Update Gnomatron has helpfully noded the full list of Episode 1 sets below.

Where can I get more info?

If you desperately want more, /msg me and I'll pad it out. I am a bit fanatical about these sets, so I might be persuaded to describe the sets' contents in more detail and give a mini-review of each under the linked node. In any case, this writeup will probably undergo changes as more are released, and I refine the details about each. And the Episode 1 sets? Oh, Ok. I'll list them too.

I am a regular visitor to, which hosts a fantastic Lego review site which covers just about the whole Star Wars Lego collection - so you could try there too.

Of course, is where the full set can be viewed (and even purchased) in all its colourful glory.

Do /msg me if I'm messed up, or you think I should be linking to somthing I've missed. Cheers. TallRoo

Star wars episode 1

While I agree with Tallroo that the star wars classic lego is much more interesting than the episode 1 variety, there are still some great sets in this range. One of my personal favourites is the Naboo fighter, which is one of the nicest lego sets I've ever seen, despite having Anakin Skywalker in it. One of the great things about the range as a whole is the sheer volume of battle droid minifigs you get if you have the whole set. There are 20 in all, allowing you to recreate the battle from the end of the movie but with the ending it should have had...

These are all the episode 1 sets available as at November 2001, excluding the Lego Technic ones Tallroo lists above:

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