Lego de facto renounced peaceful play the instant they molded the first human figure. War is a human activity, the only truly crucial elements of it are the people involved. All the swords, axes, muskets, rifles, pistols, rockets, chainsaws etc. that have been added to Lego since are just an added bonus. If they'd wanted to really avoid violent play, they would have populated the Lego universe entirely with animals, and not the anthropomorphic kind either.

That said, most of my Lego creations (shabbily showcased at are of a violent and warlike nature. I like making cool toys, and after all, the military do have the coolest toys.

Obligatory re-rebuttal: Animals are violent, sure, but they are not moral agents, and thus can do what comes naturally without any ethical arguments being attached...

First, an obligitory rebuttal: dude, animals are no more peaceful than humans.

There is no violence or enmity in the LEGO universe until you, the builder, decide what to build with the pieces. So what if the people who design the sets had violence in mind? You have to follow them. Even more, those lances, swords, and other similar legos make better structural components than weapons -- have you ever successfully injured a lego character with one of those? It's only in your imagination.

I say, rise above the instructions. I say, build your own lego universe.

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