When describing a female woman of the opposite sex, there's something about the description 'ginger' that has instant libido-killing qualities. Guys should only describe a girl as 'ginger' if the description also features phrases like 'weeping pustules', 'five o'clock shadow' or 'labrador fetish'. If one wishes to reflect positively on a female of this hair coloration, one must do some pretty nifty thinking.

Pornography gets around this problem by referring to all such women as 'redheads'. In context, not really a problem, although for those (such as myself) who have seen and read a considerable (in my case, possibly borderline illegal) amount of porn, the term conjurs up as powerful an image as 'ginger' does. That image being of bionically-endowed, nymphomaniac, big-haired vixens with pronounced dominant streaks.

With those sort of girls not being my cup of tea, it is lucky, then, that the term 'strawberry blonde' exists. 'Strawberry blonde' evokes powerful imagery of cute, butter-wouldn't-melt, nubile, perky schoolgirls, or lithe, tomboyish, rosy-cheeked indie chicks. In a sexual context, 'strawberry blonde' girls are nice girls who, when nobody's around and they can't be caught, have very, very naughty thoughts and do very, very naughty things.

Of course, part of the attraction of strawberry blondes is that, when they hit you with their full strawberry blonde-ness offensive, the beer boy in you wakes up and immediately starts you wondering if the hair colouring is artificial, or, just possibly, wonderfully, 'collar and cuffs'. Certainly worth a few hours considering in the privacy of your own attic...

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