Stuckey's is a chain of roadside stores across much of the USA. Most have a restaurant or gas station. They specialize in snacks and kitsch. Currently, you can get 2 pecan logs for $1, and two eggs and toast and jelly for 99 cents. Not bad. Just don't invest in a stupid "Indian totem shield" for $50 like the retired couple in front of me somewhere in New Mexico did. Personally, I'd avoid the rattlesnake earrings and stuffed crocodiles too...

Stuckey's was begun in Eastman, Georgia by pecan farmer William S. Stuckey Sr., as a result of a surplus of pecans.

Originally, it started out as a small shed off US Highway 23. Evenutally, Stuckey's wife, Ethel, came up with a family recipe that ended up being called a "pecan log," that used white molasses, powdered sugar, and roasted pecans. It was sold along side the regular pecans and helped boost the stand's popularity enormously.

After World War II, Stuckey's partnered with Texaco. In 1964 William Stuckey sold out to Pet Milk, Inc. for $15 million in the company's stock. During the Arab Oil Crisis the company begain to loose interest in Stuckey's. Luckily, Stuckey's son, William Stuckey Jr. (W. Stuckey Sr. died in 1977), wa able to buy back the name in 1985. Today, Stuckey's sports more than 100 locations in 23 states.

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