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Refers to a diet consisting mostly of Subway's low-fat "7 Under 6" sandwiches.  Popularized by Jared Fogle, a Subway customer who between March 1998 and March 1999 lost an incredible 245 pounds by eating only a 6" turkey sub, a 12" Veggie Delite, 2 Diet Cokes, and a bag of potato chips every single day.  This kept his daily intake at about 1000 calories a day and under 10 grams of fat.

Subway has turned his story into a "Jared Inspired Me" ad campaign, and since its inception hundreds of others have tried the Subway Diet and successfully lost weight.  Many success stories are featured on posters in Subway restaurants, in their newer ads, and on the Subway website.

Some nutritional experts are skeptical, since eating solely at Subway will neglect certain food groups, but the sheer amount of weight people have lost on the Subway Diet is astounding.

Subway strongly urges consultation with a physician before radically changing your diet.

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