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Sunset Song, by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, is a novel set before, during and after the first world war. It takes place in a small farming community in the north east of Scotland and follows the early life of Chris Guthrie, daughter of a religiously-repressed farmer.

It's considered a classic work of Scots literature.
By some people, perhaps. I thought it was terrible. Dull, archaic and did I mention dull? I appreciate that it was considered terribly daring in it's day, but after having been forced to read this tripe for an English class, I simple fail to see why such things are required reading in classes. Other Scottish texts are available, ones which wouldn't bore people to sleep.

If you do purchase, borrow or otherwise obtain a copy of this book, I suggest finding an edition with a glossary - the American editions should have one, and I know that the 'Cannon Gate Classic' edition in the UK has one.

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