Super Knight Rider 3000: The Return of Michael Knight

One man... One car... One difference

Alternate tagline:

The Man Who Can Make A Difference Is Back

After being injected with a poison for which no antidote is known everyman superhero Michael Knight is put into cryogenic stasis for a future time where his life can be saved. Here in the future he has been summoned by the president of FLAG (the Foundation for Law and Government), Devon Miles. Great-Great-Grandniece of Michaels old boss... Devon Miles. He is once more given the keys to KITT, still here but with much more crime-fighting technology! He must now come to terms with fact that he must work with a partner who shall guide him and introduce him to this world of advanced technology. As well as come to terms with the fact that his partner is his own bastard son, Michael Knight Jr., who has been given control over KITTs second generation cousin: KARR. Together they must work under the guidance of Devon Michaels to protect the world from all that oppose FLAG. Laught at the uneasy moments between Michael and Michael Jr. Coo at the forbidden romance between Michael and the boss's daughter. Shake your fist at supervillain Reginald Cornelius V, descendant of Michael Knight's arch-nemesis Reginald Cornelius III!!! This Action/Adventure/Crime/Comedy/Fantasy thriller will leave you one the edge of your seat and begging for more!

Coming to the USA Network October 2003. Call you cable or satellite provider today!

Noders commentary:

Yes it's true. David Hasselhoff is going to try and recreate a past success by giving his character "Jedi-like powers" (actual quote) and a fellow former Baywatch star as a girlfriend. The story is planned to include mobsters and aliens. Delicious.


David Hasselhoff .... Michael Knight
Nancy Valen .... Devon Miles Daughter
Peter Parros .... Reginald Cornelius V The same actor also played Reginald Cornelius III in the original series
Mark Swanson .... Michael Knight Jr.
William Daniels .... KITT
Peter Cullen .... KARR

Produced by:

Glen A. Larson .... Producer
David Hasselhoff .... Associate Producer


Production Company: USA Studios
Distributor: Universal Domestic Television


$30 Million Dollars for 12 hour long episodes to be shown on the USA Network.

What the hell am I doing here? I saw it in that back of Newsweek somewhere, then read the info on the IMDB, so I created the nodeshell. Than I read the "plot" and just couldn't stop myself. This is not a parody, this is the actual plot and title.

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