Joe Satriani's breakout album, released in 1987. It was his second album, his first being 1985's Not of This Earth.

Track Listing:

1. Surfing With the Alien - 4:20
2. Ice 9 4:08
3. Crushing Day 5:16
4. Always With Me, Always With You 3:20
5. Satch Boogie 3:10
6. Hill of the Skull 1:46
7. Circles 3:27
8. Lords of Karma 4:46
9. Midnight 1:42
10. Echo 5:38

This album is nearly universally recognized as some of Joe's finest work, which is saying a lot, since pretty much everything he makes is incredible (he has been Grammy-nominated 13 times). This album made him a household name. Numbers such as the title track Surfing with the Alien, Satch Boogie, Always With Me, Always With You, Ice 9, and Circles are especially fan favorites, and can be heard at every Satch concert.

For those who have heard of Joe, or his fellow instrumental guitarist Steve Vai, this is a great introduction to his work. The title track is a veritable run-through of all of Joe's stylistic tricks: tapping with the side of his pick, crazy, squeeling harmonics that he shoots up in pitch, and numerous wild whammy bar tricks. All of the tracks have something to offer. For simple wild shredding, one can listen to Crushing Day; for an awesome shuffle rhythm romp, one can listen to Satch Boogie; for interesting, eastern-inspired chord patterns, you've got Lords of Karma; for an emotional love-ballad, there's Always With Me, Always With You. In general, the album is perfect for those who want exciting, fast music, without any pesky vocals to get in the way!

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