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A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend, Heather, was walking near Union Square in downtown San Francisco. A man shouted from behind her, "Hey! Aren't you the swordsman's girlfriend?"

"Um... yeah, I am."


That was the extent of the conversation, but it made me feel weird, like a sudden local celebrity. As far as she and I can figure, he saw me carrying my fencing gear on the bus that goes to Treasure Island, where we both live. What was weird, though, was that I pretty much only carry my gear on the way to work or on the way home from fencing, and I'm *never* with Heather on the bus then. So he must have remembered my face from having seen me with my gear and seen me again at a completely seperate time with Heather.

I always assumed that people thought my fencing bag was a guitar bag, since they're about the same shape and more than once I've been asked while carrying it if I'm in a band. Who would have guessed I was known as The Swordsman?

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