The US Army Tank-automotive & Armaments, or TACOM traces its beginnings to to World War II when the Detroit Tank Arsenal built well over 25,000 tanks for the countries fighting on the Allied side. TACOM has several locations, Warren, Michigan is the Headquarters and Anniston and Red River Army depots. These two depots were created during World War II as well.

TACOM recently grew to include the Armament and Chemical Aquistion and Logistics Activity ACALA in Illionois and the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center ARDEC in New Jersey. These two groups were added in 1995.

In 1940, to help support World War II, the government created a tank arsenal to support the allied war effort. The Tank-automotive management moved to Detroit to be near the plant in Warren, Michigan. Chrysler and General Dynamics have operated the plant over the years, which has produced over 44,000 vehicles.

It was in 1967, the Arsenal was renamed US Army Tank-Automotive Command, TACOM. The plant in Warren is now closed, but TACOM still exits.

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