I keep tearing everything down
I can't help myself
it's not that I'm afraid of success
I'm afraid of stagnation

I build my stronghold...
strong columns and bear trap borders
set up my battlements
stock my armory
prepare for the war...

but as the wolves come howling at my gate
bloodied claws and teeth
rabid in passionate hate
I sneak behind the gatepost guard

and bring them in the back door

I can't help myself...
I have to tear it all apart
rip up the bills
throw away the checks...
leave myself wasted
it's just my nature

I stand on my pile of debris
with some sick smile on my face
to take a good look at the destruction
...my life... ahhhh

God, it feels good to destroy...
Throw the phone
wreck the car
hang up on the bank
let it all default
let them take it back
let them throw me out
break my heart

I must tear -

it apart

and try to put it back together
is it just a puzzle for me to solve?
scatter the pieces
is it just a song for me to learn -
tear down the wall
- and unlearn?
maybe it's just that I can't sit still -
child in a seat -
wiggling excitement
pissing my pants in anticipation

God, I need to destroy

I have to see what it looks like
when I drop that bomb...
I have to see what it feels like

when the buildings crumble...
people cast lifeless
on the rocks...
dead fields, dead world, dead sky...


smile and determination
I can remake it all... can't I?
it should be remade
It can't help but be.

God, I need to build

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