This Thai western movie (original title Fah talai jone) from 2000 by Wisit Sasanatieng is both an homage to and a parody of the classic Western.

The storyline is about Dum, the son of a farmer, who is one of the best gunmen for band leader Fei, fighting in the countryside and killing anybody who betrays him.

Dum is quiet and efficient, and is called the Black Tiger by others. One of his special skills is to use multiple ricochets to hit th intended target. Dum's romantic interest is Rumpoei, the daughter of the governor, whom he got to know as a young boy. She has promised him eternal love, but ends up being engaged to a young police officer when Dum doesn't turn up for a prearranged meeting.

The underlying story could easily be taken from a Greek tragedy, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if it actually is.

The movie is filmed in extreme colours, like strong magenta buildings and cyan sky or yellow wheat fields with neon green shadows. There are also fantastic shoot-outs where the blood is flowing and people are dying en masse. That they use modern weapon like bazookas only makes it more hilarious. The acting is big gestures bordering to over-acting. A very enjoyable cineastic experience.

Seen at the Rotterdam International Film Festival

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