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Type: MBV-04-G (Main Battle Virtuaroid)
Height: 15.2 meters
Weight: 7.62 tons
Max. Gross Weight: 20.3 tons
Max. Power Output: 4620kw

Left Trigger - Bomb
This can cancel most distance weapons (beams, fireballs, lasers). Since you cannot damage yourself, you can stand in your own bomb blast for protection. But since you can't see in it, enemies can fire missiles and strike you.

Right Trigger - Beam Rifle
A fairly powerful ranged attack. You can fire single shots or bursts of three. If you charge forward while you fire this it gets more powerful.

Both Triggers - Beam Sword
The length of the Beam Sword is such that it can catch opponents who are trying to flee from a close combat encounter. You don't neccessarily have to have a lock-on to slice the opponent with the Beam Sword. It's long enough and covers enough of an arc that oftentimes all it takes is for the opponent to be visible on screen and close by. But, the Beam Sword does home more accurately with a lock-on.

Temjin is one of the most formidable close combatants in Virtual On. It isn't because of his powerful Beam Sword and sturdy armor, but because of the sheer number of highly damaging options he has available to him at any given moment. Temjin is definitely the VR of choice for mix close up combat as well as distanced attacks.

Beginners often use the "run into your bomb and shoot" move, but close combat is extremely important later on. The many options available for Temjin at close range makes it an excellent VR to play quickgames, or beating it as fast as possible. This VR is definitetly the most balanced mech in the whole game, with a good combination of speed, offense, and armor.

Master the circle attack, jump cancels, and the Hong Kong Sword Rifle. It will help you. I don't feel like explaining the HKSR because it is kind of complicated for beginners and will only confuse. If you know what the HKSR is, give me a message. We should play.

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