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Type: MBV-09-C (Main Battle Virtuaroid) Height: 15.5m Weight: 8.82t Max. Gross Weight: 23.5t Max Power Output: 5800kw

Left - Bomb
Apharmd is extremely similar to Temjin. The bomb he possess is almost exactly the same.

Right - Shotgun
Fires a burst of laser in a spread pattern, unlike Temjin's beam laser. Just like a shotgun, at close range the entire load would hit, causing significant damage. At long range the effect is much weaker, as each laser does minimal damage. It's range is also limited, but long enough to reach most opponents.

Both - Tongfers
Apharmd's main weapon. A pair of short range swords light up and Apharmd takes two swipes. These are, along with Raiden's Standing Laser, the most powerful weapon in the entire game. However, it is tricky to pull off, since the range is short, and it homes terribly. One hit is usually enough to cripple an enemy, the trick is to connect. When standing, he rushes forward a short distance before swiping. If an enemy is close (say, after landing from a jump), you can quickly cover the distance and use the tongfers.

This mech is a lot like Temjin, but with a much stronger emphasis placed on hand-to-hand combat. Apharmd is, by far, the best melee fighter in Virtual On. Every one of his weapons are made for close range attack, and his armor and speed makes him a formidable swordfighter. The Tongfers, used correctly, are unbeatable. Once you close in, wait for a chance and pull them out. The circle attack using Apharmd is very devastating.

This mech requires a lot of practice before you get good. Since it is so similar to Temjin, I advise playing as Temjin first to get the basics of this type of VR (melee). Don't overuse the Tongfers at the beginning, and use the bomb to mask your approach for the killing blow. The use of jump-cancels, crouch attacks and even better, the Hong Kong Sword Rifle must be mastered before you can take on experts. For those people who actually know what the Hong Kong Sword Rifle is, I would like to play you someday.

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