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Movie 1997
Wilson Pomade, a totally insignificant but pleasant young man, has gone through life unnoticed and unrecognized by others until one day when he encounters the beautiful and elegant Marian Pronkridge, whose only flaw is her blindness. Wilson saves Marian's life, but is overwhelmed by her beauty, unable to speak with her and runs away. However, fate or is it destiny...brings the two together again and they embark on a journey of personal discovery that culminates in a significant, yet unexpected twist.

Cast Kelly Rutherford .... Marian Pronkridge
James Michael Tyler .... Wilson Pomade
Christian LeBlanc .... Pat in the Box
Dani Thompson .... Mrs. Pomade
Carole Ruggier .... Mrs. Facinelli
David Secter .... Daveyman
Bryan Murray .... Narrator
Paul Anthony .... Swordfighter
Anthony Montes .... Swordfighter
T.C. Davidson .... Thief
Anthony Deane .... Transvestite
Billy 'The Eight Ball' Embry .... Big Man
Eda Bierman .... Sister Mary Eclair
Vanessa Sadler .... Waitress
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