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alien_life_form: Modena

The weary traveler that descends the Via Emilia from Milano, reaches Piacenza and crosses the river Po; having traversed the towns of Parma and Reggio Emilia, reaches the doors of the romanesque Modena, my home town.

baffo: Ivrea

The baffo lives in picturesque Ivrea, not very far from Torino, but he is from Parma. If you want to send postcards, his address is conveniently on my home node.

lenz: Milan during the week, but spends his free time in Varese, where he grew up.

=nerochiaro=: Somewhere in Italy

Grab your favorite atlas, locate Italy, then pinpoint the location of the cities of Milano and Como. Now draw a line connecting them. In the exact middle of that line there's the place where i live.

Vorbis: Padua

Put your finger on Venice (don't worry about pushing too much, it's already sinking). Go left for a couple of centimetres, according to the scale of your map, and you'll find Padua. Go left for another hair's width. That's right, if I look out of the window I can see your finger now. (You should really cut your nails, you know. You left quite a mark in Prato della Valle.)

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