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  • wilco "I'm currently living on the outskirts of the historical city, the place I call my true home. I was born in Newcastle"
Not currently resident, but originates here Huddersfield



  • Noether "I have to admit I was born in London which might make me a poncey southerner and not the northern hardman I pretend to be"
  • silentdan "I am currenly in Leeds studying medicine at Leeds University and music at the many fine nightclubs in the city"
  • Just_Tom "In Leeds, hard at work in the University on my internship (in term-time I study Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics)"
  • decimeter "currently studying in Leeds"
York Dewsbury Kingston-upon Hull
  • Noung "I was born in a town called Beverley a few miles from here, and have lived here all my life"
  • BuffcorePhil "I was born and live in Kingston-Upon-Hull..."
Not currently resident, but originates here
  • FastEddie
  • lagrange "I originate from the suburbs of Hull, and announce this in the hopes that my heroic tales of escaping Hull will grant me fame, fortune and women"
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