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The south west of England, otherwise known as the West Country, includes the counties of Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Hampshire, as well as the city of Bristol.

Noders living in the wess vinglun

  • Bristol

    An Official Noderpolis

    • BigRedRod
    • bobbb21
    • BlueDragon
    • Hugh Macdonald
      I was born and brought up near London (mix of Bucks and Herts) and, except for 3 years living in Africa, spent most of my life there. Since 2000, I have been studying Computer Science at Bristol University.
    • Konador
      I was born in Sevenoaks, Kent. I was 6 months old when the famous hurricane of '87 hit Sevenoaks in Kent, and blew down six of the seven oaks. I moved to Clevedon, just south of Bristol, about 9 years ago.
    • Lewisham
      Currentely studying Computer Science at Bristol University. I moved all of the 70 miles from Taunton. I'm not proud of that either.
    • OberonDarksoul: studying at UWE.
    • PaulM: raised in Gloucestershire, spent 10 years in Brighton before returning to the West Country. Now lives in Easton, Bristol at the Kebele Kulture Projekt.
    • Redalien
    • Rikmeister
    • Teiresias
      Working in the defence industry up in Filton, shhh don't tell anyone.
    • tgidden
      Born and bred in Cambridge, but migrated to Brizzle for Uni in 1993, and hung around like a bad smell since then.
    • xerces
  • Devon

  • Swindon

  • Cornwall

Nodermeets out west

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