The cornerback and safety tandem of the New England Patriots. Consists of Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy (hence the name).
The best pair of defensive backs in the NFL, with 13 interceptions between them last year.

Punctuated : The FiRM.

An old(er) pirate ring, like THG, back before we had juares. It is, quit aptly, an acronym for "The First in Recieving the Most." I only remember this because somewhere I still have a patched copy of Gauntlet with a loader by them.

"Green elf shot the potion!"

Who says "John Grisham" mentions the inspirational source for movies like The Pelican Brief, The Client and of course The Firm. The 1993 movie is directed by Sydney Pollack (Oscar for Out of Africa) and features Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman (The French Connection) and Holly Hunter (The Piano).

Cruise plays the role of Mitch McDeere, a brilliant, recently graduated lawyer who starts at a rich law firm. Mitch really likes it until the FBI pays a visit. They tell him that his colleagues are guilty of corruption and murder. Mitch does not believe this but is asked to gather information. Which of course he does and which of course leads to a moral dilemma.

Tag line: "Power can be murder to resist".

"The Firm" is the name of three completely unrelated music projects, apparently none of whom made a big enough splash for their name to be remembered.

Chronologically, the first was a 1980s "supergroup" consisting of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company, Chris Slade of Manfred Mann, and Tony Franklin. They released two albums, 1985's "The Firm" which produced the hit single "Radioactive," and 1986's "Mean Business." After that they broke up; Page and Rogers continued to do solo albums, Franklin was later in hard-rock group Blue Murder, and Slade ended up in AC/DC.

The second group called "The Firm" were a comedy group led by John O'Connor of the new age group EKO; they released the album "Serious Fun" in 1987. They are mostly known for the song "Star Trekkin'," which is a classic for Dr. Demento listeners and those of similar tastes.

The third assemblage to use the name was made up of rappers Nas, Foxy Brown, A.Z. and Nature, who released the one-off album "The Album" in 1997. All of those musicians have released solo work since.

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