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The Gas Heart: ACT III


NECK: The sky is clouded

my finger is opened

sewing-machine these staring examinations

the river is opened the brain clouded

sewing-machine these staring examinations.


MOUTH: We will make fine material for the crystal dress with it.

NOSE: You mean to say: "despair gives you its explanations regarding its rates of exchange."

MOUTH: I don't mean to say anything. A long time ago I put everything I had to say into a hatbox.

NECK: Everybody knows you, installation of conjugal bliss.

NOSE: Everybody knows you, tapestry of forgotten ideas, crystallization.

NECK: Everybody knows you, formula for a song, running board of algebra, insomnia number, triple-skinned machine.

MOUTH: Everybody does not know me. I am alone here in my wardrobe and the mirror is blank when I look at myself. Also I love the birds at the ends of lit cigarettes. Cats, all animals and all vegetables. I love cats, birds, animals and vegetables which are the projection of Clytemnestra in the courtyard, bedding, vases and meadows. I love hay. I love the young man who makes such tender declarations to me and whose spine is ripped asunder in the sun.


Dance of the gentleman fallen from a funnel in the ceiling onto the table.



MOUTH: Dreams dampen the evening of stretched hide. (Exits.)

EYE: Imagine that my dear friend I no longer love him.

EAR: Which one do you mean?

EYE: I mean the one I've loved too long.

EAR: Me too I've lost an illusion. The prize horse in my stable has lost his energy.

EYE: Well then, my dear, his life must be renewed.

EAR: You're just bitter. (Exits.)

Enter Mouth.

EYE: Clytemnestra you are beautiful. I love you with the intensity of a diver . . . his seaweeds. My blood trembles. Your eyes are blue. Why can't you hear, Clytemnestra, the quiet laughter of my cells awaiting you, the violence of my breath and the sweet childish possibilities fate has in store for us? Are you perhaps awaiting further sensational revelations regarding my temperament?

Exit Mouth.


Eye falls to the stage.

NOSE: Huge.

NECK: Fixed.

NOSE: Cruel.

NECK: Broad.

NOSE: Small.

NECK: Short.

NOSE: Shrill.

NECK: Feeble.

NOSE: Magnificent.

NECK: Long.

NOSE: Narrow.

NECK: Strong.

NOSE: Sensitive.

NECK: Fat.

NOSE: High.

NECK: Slim.

NOSE: Trembling.

NECK: Fine.

NOSE: Clear.

NECK: Courageous.

NOSE: Thin.

NECK: Obscure.

NOSE: Timid.

NECK: Pretty.

NOSE: White.

NECK: Flexible.

NOSE: Deep.

NECK: Nasty.

NOSE: Ugly.

NECK: Heavy.

NOSE: Low.

NECK: Black.

NOSE: Superficial.

NECK: Scentless.

NOSE: Harmonious.

NECK: Smooth.

NOSE: Rigid.

NECK: Tangerine and white from Spain

I'm killing myself Madeleine Madeleine.

EAR: (entering with Mouth, who crawls on all fours, and shouting) :

Clytemnestra, race horse:

3,000 francs

Going once!

Going twice!!

Going thrice!!!



Eye goes up to Mouth, on all fours.


EAR: This will end with a lovely marriage.

EYE: This will end with a lovely marriage.

EYEBROW: This will end with a lovely marriage.

MOUTH: This will end with a lovely marriage.

NECK: This will end with a lovely marriage.

NOSE: This will end with a lovely marriage.

EAR: Go lie down.

EYE: Go lie down.

EYEBROW: Go lie down.

MOUTH: Go lie down.

NECK: Go lie down.

NOSE: Go lie down.




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