Probably the best of the early Rock 'n' Roll exploitation films, The Girl Can't Help It starred Jayne Mansfield as a large-breasted bimbo, basically a parody of Marilyn Monroe's image (as opposed to Monroe's relatively subtle performances in her own films).

The flimsy plot - a washed up agent has to make a gangster's moll into a star despite her obvious lack of talent - is merely an excuse for performances by Little Richard (the title track), Eddie Cochran (Twenty Flight Rock), Gene Vincent (Be Bop A Lula), Julie London (Cry Me A River), The Treniers and others.

While the film is hardly subtle (the director cut his teeth on Foghorn Leghorn cartoons), the broad humour is moderately funny, the dialogue is far less corny than in the standard 50s rock film, and with a couple of exceptions the music is excellent.

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