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When people say that you're the glue that holds your family together... They under estimate you. Glue can give way over time. It loses its hold when it's wet, and you can tear things from it. Glue runs and doesn't quite do the job it's meant to do if there's too much or too little of it. You are not glue, you are the heart that holds the family together.

You love when you're hated. You stand like a mountain when they try to kick you down, and still, you love. You carry their problems when they come to you, and forget what was done to you the day before. When they cry you wipe away their tears while they cause your tears. Broken down, depressed, feeling powerless and hopeless, you love.

You love because you can forgive those that won't forgive you. You hold them up when they can't stand. You see for them when they are blind, and speak for them when they can't speak. You understand their problems and listen. You know who they are and why they are. You know their good and bad sides. You know their dark secrets and still love them. You are the heart that is unconditional, that never dies, and that never stops. You are that moment of peace when war is going on around you.

You are those warm arms that are open. That low budget income that is bottomless for your family. You are that ride that runs on fumes when your family needs you. You are the heart that beats and lives within your family. You are their harmony.

They are the sun that drys out the water, and you are the rain. They are the time that is wasted, and you are a time machine. They are the barrel of the gun, and you are the flower. They are the change in life, and you are the light at the end of the tunnel. One day they will be just like you. One day they will love as you love them. Just keep being that heart that they can lean on.

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