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Shi Shen (in English, "The God of Cookery") is a truly fucked up comedic film in the tradition of the Iron Chef, kung fu movies, and Chinese food commercials. Made in Hong Kong, it is the story of (duh) the God of Cookery and his adventures with a traitorous flunky, an unattractive woman called Sister Turkey, a band of hooligans, a bizzare dish called "Assorted Noodle," very bizzare meatball-like things, the 18 Brassmen of Shao-lin, a ridiculous competition for the title of God of Cookery, and some really whacked Oriental special effects.

Totally worth seeing. You will laugh until you pee your pants. For extra entertainment, have a "Make Your Own Sushi Night" when you see it. Just try not to inhale the wasabe when you laugh.

That's one way to save on gas...

A Hong Kong comedy starring Steven Chow as the 'God of Cookery', but the star performance is buy Karen Mok as Turkey who endures a horrible makeup job for laughs.

The God of Cookery starts of with a cooking competition between the best cooks in Hong Kong with the famous 'God of Cookery' presiding over the competition and issuing his harsh criticism to all the contestants.

However, the God of Cookery is a sham. He can't actually cook and is relying on clever marketing and is surrounded by yes men. Enter onto the scene a talented youngster, who is accepted by The God as an assistant when he agrees to do a 'hard excretion' in front of the lift.

It all seems well for The God, however he is confronted by his assistant who challenges him and asks if he can actually cook at all. The God is then arrested after some of his customers got sick from eating 'British Beef' and he ends up being usurped by the newcomer.

After the new 'God of Cookery' becomes famous, the old God disappears and no-one knows where he has gone, he turns up at a food vendor on Temple Street and is still critising the food, however he gets beaten up a lot by the gang from the street and is befriended by Turkey, the female food vendor who takes a liking to him.

In a fight between the rival food vendors in which Turkey is one of the bosses of, The Former God speaks out of turn and is about to be punished by the other boss when Turkey saves him and proves that she has really strong arm muscles by cutting a table in half.

It starts to go completely mental after this point, but I'll leave it to you to find out what happens. All I'm going to say is that The former God of Cookery and the New God face of against each other and we get to meet 'The 18 Bronze Men of Shaolin' (They beat up the main character over and over, but the funniest thing about them is that a couple of them just stand around doing stupid Kung Fu poses while the others beat him with chairs.)

This has to be one of the funniest movies I've seen in quite a while, at one stage I started to feel dizzy I was laughing so hard (around about the time 'The 18 Bronze Men of Shaolin' were introduced).

The cooking sequences are also very well done and some of the funniest moments of the film are actually some of the people's reactions to the food on tasting it. (Like the man tasting the 'Pissing Beef Balls' and the judge of the cooking competition rolling down a large piece of roast pork.)

I would recommend this film to people who like comedies, but make sure you have eaten beforehand or you will be very hungry by the time the film finishes!

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