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This is a song by Ween, from the album The Mollusk.

This song was one of the most popular from this album and actually got air play. It's sung through a slight distorting machine and has a really rockin' guitar part, and even though it doesn't make much sense it comes across as being very profound somehow.

A verse:

who can explain all these thoughts wracking my mind
an endless barrage of shit wracking my mind
the eel offered his help I can't understand
speaking its truth from the bank, now I can see

I cannot repeal the words of the golden eel
I cannot repeal the words of the golden eel

As you see above, the word "shit" is included in this song; of course, on the radio, that is blocked out. They have performed this song on television, even, and it comes across beautifully.

The chorus says "I cannot repeal. . . . " Many people think it's "reveal," but it is "repeal," though in the last part of the song he does say "reveal." Not that that makes ANY sense at all since eels don't talk.

This song is © 1997 by Ween, Elektra records.

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