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A WWF Tag team composed of the professional wrestlers Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy. They got their start at the amazing age of 19 (Matt) and 16 (Jeff), going full-time in May 1998. They started out as the totally forgettable and masked Jynx Brothers.

The Hardy Boyz are known for their high-risk, aerial maneuvers. They can be considered luchadors. They've done some of the most amazing moves I've seen in some time, including a low dropkick to the face of someone that was held by the other Hardy in a camel clutch. This should have resulted in at least one broken neck. Their finishers are the high-flying, high-risk maneuvers Swanton Bomb or The Twist of Fate, but they frequently jump around. They are particularly fond of using each other as lauching ramps - one will get on his hands and knees while the other runs accross the ring, steps on the other and fly through the air towards the opponent and the turnbuckle.

Other trademark moves include the Whisper in the Wind, and Jeff's penchant for a weird horizontal double-leg drop kick and his painful looking double leg low blow.

Between the two, they've held the WWF Tag Team Title. Matt currently (July 2001) holds the WWF Hardcore Title.

They are actually pretty good-looking kids, especially compared to the other wrestlers. This explains their popularity with the female fans. Their skills, however, are respected by the male fans.

Hangs around a lot with Lita now, since they rescued her from an abusive relationship with Essa Rios, another luchador. Since they look alright, they are frequently part of almost-believable romance angles with the female performers of the WWF.

When in the presence of Lita, the three are sometimes referred to as Team Xtreme.

If you had to figure out which is which, generally, the ugly one is Matt Hardy, and the one with green hair is Jeff Hardy.

Sadly, the tag team was broken up when Jeff Hardy left the WWE, alleged by some to be due to substance abuse issues. Jeff sold some art of his on Ebay, and eventually ended up wrestling for TNA, another wrestling federation.

His brother Matt has also been released by the WWE, so it's possible that they'll be able to work together again in TNA.

Not to be confused with The Hardy Boys, boy-detectives.

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