Yeah. You never thought you'd see them again. Well, guess what? Elastica is back with The Menace, a mixed up scrapbook of Donna Matthews' not-so-amicable departure, creative growth for both songwriters, and a rather chipper break-up note. So, what's happening? Well, Donna Matthews contributes two of the best, and the two worst songs on the album. ("Image Change", "Nothing Stays The Same" and "Human", and "A Love Like Ours") Justine's changed a lot too. Instead of copping Stranglers' riffs and doing her best Poly Styrene impression, she's grown cold, cerebral, and dissonant, sending a love letter to the Fall on "Mad Dog" and writing two somber ambient mood pieces, "My Sex" and "Miami Nice," which are the most ambitious and personal things she's ever written. Still, it seems logical, if you listen to "Indian Song" from their first. Still, this is Elastica we're talking about. So, yeah, "Nothing Stays" steals the chorus from "Kidney Bingos" and "Human" essentially samples "Lowdown." But hey, when art-punk is this infectious, how can you go wrong?

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