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A little known fact in America is that Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are actually blood brothers, having trained under the same master in China. The Seven Dragons referred to the small fraternity of brothers which are now all famous action movie stars, not just in Asia, but internationally as well. Jackie Chan was known as Cheng Long, or old dragon, and Bruce Lee was called Xiao Long, or little dragon (Jackie Chan was the oldest in the 7, Bruce Lee the youngest).

The Seven Dragons, which included Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, were all trained in the arts of Chinese Opera (Peking Opera), which, in addition to music, included difficult acrobatics and mock melees. The seven kids were all trained in the Northern style of of Shaolin kung fu, but later they added Southern as well as as Tai Kwon Do, Hapkido and other styles to their repertoire.

In Hong Kong along with their master (whose name I have unfortunately forgot, but I do know that he died in 1994). They contiuned to train in opera and the martial arts in the Chinese Opera Research Institute.

They all graduated in the early 1970's and get their different ways. Bruce Lee to America, Jackie Chan to Australia, the others remaining in Hong Kong. All found fame in the movie industry, making kung fu films for various markets.

One distinctive trademark of the Seven Dragons is that none of them have ever used a stunt double in any of their movies. All of them perform their own stunts, and their kung fu is all real. Jackie Chan was nearly killed at least 3 times performing dangerous stunts.

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