Nodeshell!?? NODESHELL!!?!?


The Seven Lady Godivas is, in fact, a book. Not just any book. It is a book written by that most wonderful wordsmith, Theodor Geisel, who is known to kids far and wide of all ages (including forty-seven) as Dr. Seuss.

But wait! I hear the cry. Why haven't I seen this book anywhere in the Seuss section?

Ah. That's a good question, and deserves a good answer. You see, this book is about seven maids who find their husbands.


...and they do it over the course of the book, riding on horses...

But why isn't it in the Seuss section???

...entirely naked.

....??!?oooooo!!! Naked?

Yup. Butt-naked. Bare as they day they was born. Not a stitch. Completely unclothed. Breasts and bums everywhere. Naughty bits.

Dr. Seuss wrote that?

Yup, he did. Drew it too! So if you want to find it, you have to ask the store clerk where Seuss's big kids books are. If he looks at you strangely, find a better bookstore, and find The Seven Lady Godivas there.

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