The Six Sixty Club is a drinking challenge undertaken by collegiate track athletes. It involves the consumption of 6 twelve ounce beers under 60 minutes, and then immediately running a 400 meter dash under 60 seconds. Some of the rules are as follows.

  • The runner must fully consume 6 beers of twelve fluid ounces during a time beginning one hour prior to the start of the race and ending when the race begins.
  • The runner is allowed to vomit during or after the race. However, immediate disqualification will occur if vomiting occurs after the start of alcohol consumption and before the start of the race.
  • If vomiting occurs during the race, the runner must remain on the track and time will continue to run.
  • Time will be hand held and the timer's decisions are final.

There is somewhat of a controversy surrounding such an event. Having successfully taken part in the six sixty, my friends and I were scorned for having taken part in such an event. This speaks to the division that exists between college athletes. There are basically two groups of athletes. One group is the "I live only to perpetuate my track career" group. This group is extremely anal and lives on such a level that anything with the smallest chance of hindering performance is rejected as crime against one's ideals. They view the other group as being tragically flawed. The other group lives by the "work hard, play hard" philosophy. This is pretty self explanatory and speaks to the extremes at which this group operates. As a member of this group, we find the other group uptight. As far as performance goes, there is varying degrees of success from both groups. It's just a matter of the individual's drive and personality.

Now, enough with the psychoanalytical BS. The bottom line is that running a 400 while being completely stupified is an electrifying experience. The tunnel vision and narrow minded focus make you feel like you're running world record pace. And the inflated feeling of self accomplishment that accompanies the booze and the running are unparalleled.

To close it up here, it turns out that getting the beers down fast and without puking is the biggest challenge to a fit, male track runner. Expect to run a few seconds worse than your personal record for the 400. And do the race at night because it feels way more exciting.

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