The Square Peg is a J D Wetherspoon pub in Corporation Street, Birmingham, UK. It gains its name from the fact that the plans for the building (which was built as industrial offices) were once commented to look like a square peg. One of the largest pubs in Birmingham, the Peg is known for cheap beer and good food.

On the other side of Corporation Street is Oasis, a truly bizarre shop selling everything from fetish gear to jewellery.
The pub used to have the marvellous feature of little alcoves at street level, below the main pub, reached by stairs, all along the sides, next the windows. They were enclosed, and comfortable, and safe, and lovely, and every pub should have them. They were, for a while, the dwelling-place of my friends and I.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, they decided to rebuild the pub minus these little bits. On asking why, we were told 'people were getting frisky on the sofas'.


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